✨Do you want to find peace with food and your body?

✨Overwhelmed by insecurities and perfectionism?

✨Always trying to control everything?

✨Trying to understand yourself and feeling like you can’t connect?

✨Wanting to find a therapist who looks at the WHOLE you and uses holistic methods?

✨Need a specialist who knows disordered eating, body image, trauma, and autism in AFAB people?

Stop putting your life on hold because of your body

As a therapist for nearly a decade I have been working on these issues and how they intersect with different identities and I have developed a system to help you cope and live a more authentic life. If you’re looking for a therapist who can understand your problems, balance the serious with the humorous, and are looking for loving accountability, contact me today!



Holistic Healing

Therapists aren’t people who you “pay to pretend to care about you”, therapists are people you pay to teach you how to care for yourself.