Autism in Women and AFAB Adults

Everything that we know about autism currently is based only on research conducted on little boys, so women and AFAB people who grew up displaying autism symptoms weren’t taken seriously because the symptoms present DRASTICALLY different in girls and AFAB people. New research suggests that overall girls are better with social cues than boys and have learned to hide their symptoms well in order to fit in. In order to see the similarities between gender specific symptoms you have to blatantly ask about the thought process behind behaviors.

Look at the pictures and think about what comes to mind. Read the questions on them to see if you relate.

If many of these resonate with you, lets talk about a potential Autism diagnosis. I can’t officially diagnose you like a Psychologist, but as an adult, an official diagnosis doesn’t really matter (unless you need accommodations), but a label might help make sense of things.

ASD and Eating Disorders

Autism overlaps a lot with eating disorders. So much of food is based on sensory input that the textures of food, the consistency of food, and limited palates make them picky eaters, sometimes to the point of an official ED diagnosis. Usually the body dysmorphia issues that are present are not about “being fat” but more about gender dysphoria since 76% of people who identify as autistic are also on the gender spectrum. Many times wanting to be androgenous or non-binary. I do my absolute best to provide gender affirming care and I am happy to write surgery letters for different aspects of gender confirmation surgeries if we have been working together for at least 6 months.

What we work on in sessions

We can work on figuring out social cues that may be difficult to interpret, but also how to have better relationships with people that feel more meaningful. We can work through the trauma of having to push down parts about yourself that weren’t okay and were taught out of you. Together we can learn how to feel secure in unmasking and feel safe being who you are. I can also be a talking mirror to ask questions to and get answers from an outside perspective.

Its me, hi, I’m the neurotypical weirdo ready to work with you!

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