What is Brainspotting (BSP)?

BSP is a trauma treatment that was born out of EMDR, which contends that where you look affects how you feel, giving us the ability to access trauma and other emotions through eye spots.  BSP is more intuitive than EMDR. It allows you to process through any emotion, including trauma, in a non-linear way rather than needing a beginning, middle, and end. With BSP you can move through bigger traumas, uncomfortable feelings, physical pain and body sensations, and even through things you don’t remember. With BSP you can also increase feelings that you want more of like confidence, calmness, or even the feeling of being supported by a loved one.

One thing that is unique with BSP is that you don’t actually have to talk about it – you can do it internally. You’re in the driver’s seat. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You have a lot of control, freedom, flexibility, to make it what you want – to go as deep as you want, or to stay more in control with what’s happening. All I need to know is what you want out of it and where you feel it in your body, but you don’t have to go into detail. It’s a super powerful tool that allows your brain to process and move through emotions much faster than just talking about it which is rewiring your brain one neural connection at a time. Every time you brainspot and close your eyes, your brain rewires thousands of neural connections at a time!  

Past BSP Experiences

Doing BS for myself and with clients, I have seen huge releases of emotion. While spotting, I am paying attention to my client’s facial expressions. I see them move through different emotions, from sad and angry to scared and I can see it in their body language. Clients have reported back to me huge decreases in fear in things that were previously very triggering. I have had a client work on family trauma and she was able to go home for the holidays and not start any arguments! A lot of past work with clients has been done to help them manage their families and help them get “unstuck” from ruminating thoughts. Many clients also report decreases in physical manifestations of stress, like tension in their shoulders and unclenching their jaws. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, watch this video where I can show you how it works and how powerful it is. {Video to come soon}

Learn more at the official brainspotting website at

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