Talk Therapy

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How Traditional Talk Therapy Works

Traditional talk therapy as you would expect it. We sit, we talk, I ask thoughtful probing questions, we crack jokes, we hit on something that makes you cry, we talk about it more, and then we complete the session. Each week brings new chaos and clarity while we work on accomplishing your goals. Therapy is about the relationship between the therapist and client so trust is essential to a good therapist and client relationship. Its a very unique relationship where it is purposely one-sided. Yes, you will get to know me and a bit about my life, but I won’t be talking to you about my problems. I am supposed to store your emotional baggage and give it back to you in small carry-on sized packages.

What approach will work best for me?

My therapeutic approach matters less to me than what works for you. Research actually suggests that your relationship with your therapist is more indicative of change than what theory they use. We will use a wide array of tools to help you accomplish your goals. If you want to just talk-that’s okay. If you want to add in art and tarot-that’s cool too. If something isn’t working or doesn’t feel right we will talk about it and find something new. Together we will collaborate on ways to facilitate change, while looking at you as a whole person with a unique experience.

Shame dies when stories are told in safe places.

Ann Voskamp
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